Helping Build a Better World Community
Into the new Millennium
It is the vision and mission of Smith Family International (SFI) to provide a charitable
resource that can actively support community development programs. SFI offers a
trademark approach for social improvement utilizing a strategic process that organizes
project goals to achieve measurable results. Our charitable mission is founded with the
intent that SFI can effectively lead in the effort to build a better world community by
facilitating and directing appropriate resources to organizations that improve social
conditions and help those in need.
We are a charitable foundation providing support to organizations on an
international scale for operational support, education, and program leadership.
Resources are directed to immediate and specific needs for organizations that
have demonstrated their ability to make a difference every day in communities
throughout America and around the world.
We strive to utilize the work of SFI to build recognition of our effective process
that facilitates responsible support for activities that have a sustainable impact.
SFI brings together the vital resources that offers strategic building capacity for
programs that change communities and lives.  
Our Message:
Smith Family International is the central organization representing as many SFI
members as possible. It is through our actions that we have the ability to
communicate a shared message that conveys peace and goodwill for a better world
community. SFI honors a heritage of selfless work to help others and pursues this
tradition through our mission. Learn more and become part of a shared goal to
improve conditions for those in need. .
Membership Support:
SFI seeks individuals, families, business, civic, and government partners to join the
SFI mission. Together we will provide the responsible support for those who
continuously act to improve conditions for better societies.
Become an Honorary Member:
Your membership will help promote SFI and increase our ability to provide adequate
resources when and where needed. These are the responsible actions we espouse
that allows our efforts to communicate this shared message through the SFI
mission. Let us tell the world how a heritage of social responsibility brings us
together to make a difference.

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